Today, the world has become a Global Village where education and careers are expected to meet the global requirements and standards. Each and every moment, there is a rapid change in Information and Technology and so we have to keep running along with the digital world. VELAMMAL EDUCATIONAL TRUST caters the students to meet the requirements of the hour.

Velammal Educational Trust took its humble birth in the year 1986 with an initial strength of 183 students and 13 teachers. Today, more than 50,000 students are prepared to succeed in this challenging environment which demands a flexible and real world based approach in education.


Imagination and creative thinking are two essential qualities that every child should grow up with to differentiate themselves as influencers and agents of change in the highly competitive world of tomorrow. We nurture your child into a holistic personality. We are a New School of thought imparting 21st Century skills through internationally recognised curricula to create global ready professionals. We are Bloomingdale High Global School. The Primary Wing of BHGS is designed as a day-boarding school and will open its gates for children from Nursery till Grade V. BHGS programs incorporate Cambridge Primary Programme that promotes learning primarily through music, art, drama, dance, projects, discover centers, computer activities, field trips, outdoor play and adventure. We aim to provide an innovative environment, which is inspiring and challenging. Children learn THE BEST through doing and we give plenty of opportunities to explore the environment with hands-on equipment and materials in an adult directed setting. We provide the optimistic experience for the child to develop multi perspective skills through fun and challenging activities on purpose-built child-appropriate equipment.

  • Every child coming to learn, has an individual and a cultural set of experiences, skills and interests, which must be considered in the teaching and learning process.
  • A comprehensive education includes the development of traits like compassion, tolerance, respect for rights of all people, the skills for peaceful resolution of conflict and development of environmental responsibility.
  • A progressive school is adept in adopting new technology and adapting to the changing global trends in education.
  • School influences the next generation to accept leadership to meet the global challenges of the 21st century.
  • School should foster an atmosphere of academic excellence and encourage intellectual inquiry and critical thinking.
  • Achievement in the physical, intellectual and creative arts is the purpose of holistic education.
  • School is a community for every child where social awareness, thoughtful interaction and effective communication among peers, parents and staff become fundamental to one’s well-being.

This NewGen School is a Cambridge school that offers International Cambridge Programmes (IGCSE). Along with the Cambridge Primary Program, we have tailored the curriculum with your needs. We provide different assessments for children to identify what children are learning, monitor their progress and report to the parents. Cambridge Primary is an excellent preparation for other educational systems.

We wish to create a generation which is deeply rooted in Indian values, culture and tradition while being global in skills of communication, collaboration and professional competence. We believe in nurturing thinking skills as the basic framework for lifelong learning through experiential learning and make the students future ready. With national and international experts on board, the management promises not just an International curriculum school but a learning environment truly international in word and spirit.

The teaching learning philosophy integrates the concepts of Bloom's Taxanomy of learning and Marzano's Taxanomy of thinking skills to bring out the best in the curriculum and the children. The time tested 21st century approach to define metrics via Cambridge Primary Curriculum that will engage the child in a progressive yet seamless transition from playgroup to primary- your child is now ready to get a global passport

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