Staffs are the pillars of a healthy, wealthy and knowledgeable society – the school. In Bloomingdale, the staffs are recruited nationwide. They are trained by well trained Cambridge teachers. The communication programs for teachers are scheduled by Cambridge University.

The teachers in an ideal learning environment strive to:
  • Cultivate positive relationships through knowing and respecting every student.
  • Promote students’ self-confidence and boost their self-esteem.
  • Ensure each student experiences success through structured support.
  • Build strategies that support the different ways of thinking and learning.
  • Connect students’ prior experiences, knowledge and skills.
  • Develop deep levels of thinking, analyzing and application.
  • Promote sustained learning that emphasizes connections between ideas.
  • Promote substantive discussion of ideas.
  • Develop investigating and problem-solving skills that fosters imagination and creativity.
  • Make assessment criteria explicit that supports further learning.
  • Connect learning with communities and practice beyond the classroom.
Teach Smarter not harder. There is no one size fits all concept. Our Approach this is Remediation in Personalized Learning Network (PLN). The process has key stages of first forming a repository of knowledge stocking, forming a resource bank of forum and methodology and lastly by inducing the triad approach of enabling a child to have a
  • Platform of alternate Learning Space.
  • Approach, that is rooted
Personalized Learning Network
  • International exposure through joint projects with partner schools
  • Exchange programs
  • Teaching foreign languages like Spanish and German

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